All Saints Episcopal Church

1508 S. White Station Rd. Memphis, TN 38117


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All Saints' is located in East Memphis at the Corner of Quince and White Station
Ample parking to the north of church / Church faces White Station
Enter Parish Hall through the east entrance back of building

Sunday Schedule

9:00 am - Children's Sunday School and Adult Christian Formation / Bible Study
10:00 am - Services in Main Church

followed by Coffee Hour

 Events planned at All Saints

Neighborhood Yard Sale—The Vestry is planning a yard sale for this area of east Memphis. We would like to have you join us and encourage your fellow neighbors and friends to bring “their yard sale” to the church grounds on June 7 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. The more people we have selling the better. A few parishioners will be selling items donated to All Saints. So if you have a thing or two...or more, please bring it/them to church on Sunday, before June 7. We hope to have Food Trucks so you can enjoy a few hours of selling, eating, or buying. If you have any questions, please call one of the committee members: Price Harris, Mary Boyd, Susan Leigh or Shirley Bullard.

 Parish Pentecost Picnic—June 8 After our service on Sunday, with The Rev. Jack Rogers, we will have our annual Pentecost Picnic on the grounds. Neighbors who bring their yard sale on the 7th will be invited to attend. The committee is asking you to bring the delicious side items you make and the Vestry will provide the main course. Questions? Ask committee members Karen Carson, Martha Morton, Jennifer Whitworth, or Doug Cupples.

Farmers’ Market—Please, please, please support our market by attending and purchasing produce, breads, jellies, etc. from the vendors. The food truck owners would very much like to serve you lunch or dinner to go. Again, the more people we have supporting events at the church the more we will grow at the corner of Quince and White Station.

Parish Administrator, Shirley Bullard

Vestry for 2014

Price Harris, Sr. Warden (2016)

Susan Leigh, Jr. Warden (2016)

Martha Morton, Treasurer (2015)
Shirley Bullard, Clerk (2015)
Mary Boyd (2015) 
Jennifer Whitworth (2014)

Kathy Baggett (2014)

Doug Cupples (2014)

Karen Carson (2016)

Children’s Christian Formation, Susan Leigh